Finding the right DJ and Disco

Choosing your DJ and Disco

So you’re planning an event and you have the venue sorted, you have spoken with caterers and then you come to the DJ and disco entertainment. You search on Google and come up with a list of possibilities. Disco ball

They all have equipment, they all have experience and, to be honest, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of difference. How do you work out what is important and decide whether they can provide it?

Well there are a couple of ways to work it out.

Number 1 – Speak with potential DJ’s.

Have a conversation and don’t just settle on the first one you call.

Things to think about and discuss:

  • The type(s) of music you’d like to hear at your event and if they’re comfortable with the styles. Ask if you can provide a list of songs
  • Talk about set times and let them know if you need an early set up so as not to interrupt speeches for instance
  • Ask them if they have played at the venue and if not how will they prepare before they arrive
  • Tell them approx number of guests there will be and will there be different age groups. Have you taken this into account with your music choices
  • Ask them what equipment they can provide such as PA size, disco lights, mood lighting and DJ booths. Will you need access to a microphone and access to CD payer or ipod docking to play music before the actual party?
  • If you’re speaking with an agency or disco provider find out who will be DJing at your event in advance and try to speak with them. It is not ideal if the first time you meet or speak with your DJ is as they arrive to set up
  • Ask if it’s possible to meet face to face with your DJ before the event. It’s important that you and your guests get get along with your DJ. After all you only get one chance with events and finding the right DJ can help to make your event a success

Number 2 – Check potential DJ’s reviews

Look at what other people are saying about your potential DJ. Most DJ’s have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Check their reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations.

Selecting the right DJ and disco is important and can really contribute to the success of your event. There’s so much more to providing a disco than simply playing music. It’s making sure the pa output is right for the venue, that the lights add the right atmosphere, that the guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves, that you look and act professional plus the DJ has the ability to mix and select the right tracks to  ensure the event flows.

A professional DJ will be more that happy to spend time discussing your requirements and a really professional DJ will be able to add value by offering ideas and advice if required.

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